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Today in Island History
1925 The Island's most famous nurse, Georgina Fane Pope, celebrates 50 years in her profession. In between overseas service in the Boer War and World War I, the Island's "Florence Nightingale" was first matron of the Canadian Army Medical Corps.
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Birds of a Feather
These lovely Cedar Waxwings enjoy the bird bath at Beaconsfield Historic House.
These lovely Cedar Waxwings enjoy the bird bath at Beaconsfield Historic House.

The Cedar Waxwings, crows, bluejays, starlings, sparrows and chickadees, along with the occasional fox, all enjoy the cool water in the garden at Beaconsfield.

Rediscovering our history
Purchase your own copy of the Compact Meachamís 1880 Atlas for $29.95.

The Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation has this and many other publications, including the Island Magazine, for sale in it's gift shops at all seven sites.

Ladies Gathering at Yeo House
These gracious ladies approach the veranda of Yeo House

The costumed staff of Green Park Shipbuilding Museum & Yeo House approach the veranda, seeking relief from the summer heat and perhaps a cool glass of lemonade. The site is open in summer and is an ideal spot for a picnic and a tour!

The PEI Museum's Locomotive in Kensington
The PEI Museum locomotive, located behind the Kensington Railway Station

This huge engine belongs to the PEI Museum and sits right behind the old Kensington Railway station. It has been refurbished with fresh paint and is protected by an attractive fence. It's an attraction within the community and brings train buffs in from all over.

Beaconsfield Historic House Approching a Summer Evening
Beaconsfield Historic House in Charlottetown  on a  Summer Evening
Beaconsfield Historic House in Charlottetown on a Summer Evening

Toward the end of a summer day, Beaconsfield Historic House is looking as welcoming as always. Open for tours year round, hosting various events and lectures in the carriage house, it also houses administrative offices for the PEI Museum on the third floor. The harbour just in sight behind it, gives an glimpse of the wonderful view from the veranda.

The PEI Museum
Annual General Meeting 

will be held on Wednesday, December 7 at 7:00 p.m.
Eptek Art & Culture Centre, 130 Heather  Moyse Drive, Summerside,
Guest Speaker, Boyde Beck on 100th Anniversay of WWI
Call 902-368-6600 for information. 
We hope to see you there.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Eptek Art & Culture Centre - 7:00 p.m.

Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions

Carolyn McKillop, Chair

Greetings from the Province

Honourable Tina M. Mundy

Minister of Family and Human Services

Greetings from the City of Summerside

His Worship, Mayor Bill Martin

Guest Speaker - Boyde Beck

100th Anniversary of WW1 Exhibit

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of December 7, 2015

Business Arising From the Minutes

Chairperson Report

Executive Director’s Report

Financial Report

New Business



PEI Museum Heritage Awards Forms

If you would like PEI Museum  Heritage Awards forms sent to you, please call   902-368-6600. The deadline for submissions is on, or about, December 12, 2016. Forms are also availbe at many town and city halls, as well as Beaconsfield Historic House, Eptek Art & Culture Centre and the Acadian Museum. You may also obtain electronic forms by clicking on the left legend under Heritage Awards.
Simply print them, fill in and mail back.